The colours are prepared with caseinian lime bonding, it is formulated and produced on his own by the same Master.

In the same way, and with appropriated bonding, they are prepared colours for glue tempera, egg tempera and fat tempera. The following illustrations indicate the several phases of the bonding's realisation, and the successive milling of the colour.

In the photo at the right you ca see the bonding preparation; it is made up of lime and milk casein.

In the photo at the left is possible to see the added of the bonding to the powder of colour, or the paste of colour, previously prepared. In these phases it is fundamental to dose the single component correctly. A wrong mixing can provoke problems in the tightness of the colour on the support.

Therefore as indicated from ancient prescriptions found again from Gorni on ancient witnesses and handbook, in this phase comes carried out the primeing of the colour. This part of the preparation is realised using an appropriate instrument, of glass or steel, called macinello; the working happens over one crystal slab of large thickness.

1999 Alessandro Gorni