Before executing the drawing over the plastering of the table, it is indispensable to clean up the support with abundant distilled water with few gall of ox. This treatment has the single scope to eliminate eventual grease or powder traces.

Then the drawing is brought back over the table by the "spolvero" method. For the trace and the chiaroscuro, they are employed colours like tawny and verdaccio; both diluted with distilled water. For the execution of the preparation drawings of the caseinian lime painting, it is excluded the employment of pencils or carbon; in fact they produce an impermeable veil that it prevents the fixing of the pigment on the support.

After the bringing back of the drawing by the "spolvero" method, the artist proceeded to resign are the trace with verdaccio or tawny colour by a soft round paint-brush.

Subsequently the Master goes on with the chiaroscuro of the drawing. He is employing the same colour employed for the trace.

After this phase we have the application of the colours that will go to complete the artworks as you can see in the pages dedicated to the frescoes.

1999 Alessandro Gorni