Portraits are painted with different techniques: charcoal, water colours, pastel. They are laid on eight-millimetre thick chipboard wood panels covered on one side with Canson drawing card of Cachou-336 colour. Each piece will be initialled with a monogram on the side of the painting and authenticated with a certificate on the back. The standard dimensions of the pieces is 50 x 65 cms., and they are taken from half-length colour photographs of about 13X18 cms. You can send the photographs via the Internet. The time required for a painting to be completed is of sixty days from the receipt of the photograph and the confirmation of the order. From the price are excluded the expenses of shipment.


  • Technique: mixed
  • Material: charcoal, water colours, pastel
  • Support: Canson drawing card of Cachou-336 colour on chipboard panels
  • Dimensions: 50X65 cms


What you see here is a semple