The graphic works which subjects represent foreshortenings of the Tuscan landscape, are typographic reproductions. The plates, made from my original drawings, have undergone a process of photoengraving on zinc plates. Printing takes place on linear presses. Each piece is signed by the author and bears a validation on the back with the original initials. Each work measures 29X38 cms.

Lithoprint n.1
Lithoprint n.2
Lithoprint n.3

The originals of the graphic works I realised in 1976, and the subjects they represent are taken from the foreshortenings of medieval villages of the 11th and 12th centuries. The imposing portals open on the main streets entering the fortified cities of Chiusdino, San Giminiano and Volterra, that you can still visit in Tuscany today.

Lithoprint n.4 Lithoprint n.5 Lithoprint n.6


1999 Alessandro Gorni