Firenze 1979

Faustino Gorni, or "Nino", is as committed to painting as he is to sculpture, transforming into graphic signs both the emotions, which are contained in colour, and the plasticity of shapes. He uses his paintings to insert human figures, which he favours and which he portrays and characterises with great expressiveness. His still lives are well defined and, consequently, composite in their shapes and colour. His true ability as a painter transpires from them. His ability as sculptor also shines thanks to his talent in transforming an inspiration into a material creation. He achieves this by tapping all his creative power and capturing the interest of the viewer.

He prefers to carve wood as it is through wood that his story-telling is best achieved. Sometimes the forms are baroque but they have the capacity to be enjoyed freely in the present. Nino, is, therefore, a complete artist, who, on the arduous road of art, proves to be entirely reliable thanks to his seriousness and commitment.
1999 Alessandro Gorni