I was born in Collebeato on 2nd May, 1940. I obtained a diploma at the Istituto d'Arte of Castelmassa - Rovigo. After that, I attended the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo where I dedicated myself to developing my painting and sculpting technique. Both critics and colleagues who have come to me have described my temperament effectively and expressively. From 1971 to 1976, I appeared in the annuals of Pittori e Pittura Contemporanea published by Quadrato. I have also appeared in:ll Narciso in February 1976, on Panorama d'Arte in 1976, Historia in February 1987.

Although the land of Tuscany is clearly my favourite, where most of my work has been carried out, I have never forgotten my tie of love with my city of origin. I have therefore had numerous personal and collective exhibitions there, and I have taken part in contests, receiving prizes and mentions. Some of these are: the show from 1971 to 1979 in the art gallery "Le Muse" of Brescia; the "Concorso Primavera" in Brescia in 1973, where I received a special mention; the contest "Mobil Brix" at Ghedi, near Brescia, in 1973, receiving another special mention; Chiusdino (Siena) 1974, where I came second. I also came second for the contest F.A.C. at Visano (Brescia) in 1975; fifth place for the Jean BartÚ prize in Milan in 1975; third in the Chiusdino contest (Siena) in 1975; fifth for the San Polo (Brescia) prize in 1975. I received a plaque and mentions for the 10th international prize "Il mondo d'oggi" at Caravaggio (Bergamo), in 1975; another prize at the international competition "BistrÚ" in Brescia in 1975.

I took part in the exhibition "Moretto" in Brescia in 1975; in September 1976 the exhibition at Palazzo Patrizi in Siena earned me a mention on La Nazione of Florence and on Nuovo Corriere Senese; finally, the special prize of the jury at the international show "Il Cenacolo" in Florence in 1979. At present: two of my works are exhibited at the municipal art-gallery of the town hall of Chiusdino (Siena); various works are in private collections in Valgobbia, Valtrompia and Valsabbia, all near Brescia; one of my most important works is exhibited in the Chapel of Saint Galgano in Montesiepi di Chiusdino (Siena), framed by the stupendous frescoes of Lorenzetti; recently the completion of the wood and bronze portal of the shrine of Madonna delle Grazie in Chiusdino (Siena) has been inaugurated.

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