To produce a fresco in respect of the techniques drawn from the history of the Italian art is surely a very hard work. To introduce the job, even if highly summarizedly, at the basis of the execution of the paintings here represented, we have thought about to give to you a short indications on how the artist works on his frescos.

In his paintings, for his choice of the materials and their composition, and for his employment, Gorni resorts to ancient prescriptions, just in order to charge his artworks not only with the artistic meaning.

The Master, in fact, he is convinced that in the cure of every single particular: from the support, to the preparation of the colour, to the application of the specific art technique, there is the value of our culture and our history.

Through these little sequences we mean to supply only some points of reflection on the quality of the job that is at the basis of single work realised from the Master.

[ The Support ] [ The Colour ] [ The Technique ]

1999 Alessandro Gorni